Kyani is Stamping Out Hunger Allover the World

Kyani has partnered with Idahoan to take a bite out of hunger. They have developed a Potato Pak which is a healthy fortified potato meal filled with essential nutrients which include healthy proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins. In 2016 alone, Caring Hands fed over 1.1 million people worldwide. Partnering with Idahoan and Idahoan Milk Products has helped this company continue to make giant strides in eliminating hunger in the states and all over the world. The Potato Pak has made its way all over the globe, from the Philippines to Haiti.

Kyani Founder Kirk Hansen

The Potato Pak was developed four years ago by Hansen’s company. The need to combat hunger around the world was recognized and his company partnered with Idahoan to meet this challenge. Hansen realized a dream by using the potato to meet a prevalent need all over the world. This company wants to help people to experience more. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience happiness and fulfillment. However, this is not possible without certain common denominators that we all need. Kirk Hansen and his company want to provide good nutrition and better health to those that don’t have access to it, all over the world.

The Power of Collaboration

There’s power in numbers. These two Idaho Falls companies have proven that. Hot water, potatoes, and 15 seconds are all that stand between a hungry person and a hot nutritious meal. This nutritious product was developed four years ago. The need to do something about global hunger was recognized. The potato was chosen because it’s a popular food that is close to many peoples hearts. This generous company believes in the philosophy that success creates an obligation to help others. Collaborative efforts have been put in place to help others on a global level and provide hope as well.

Worldwide Reach

This company has spread their efforts to get rid of hunger all over the globe. Their presence and impact have been seen and felt in Ecuador, Haiti, Philippines, Hungary, Slovakia, Peru, and Nicaragua. The Potato Pak has made a difference in all these countries in terms of feeding hungry people. The impact has been incredible. The efforts to feed the hungry has been fueled by each hungry person this organization has been able to feed.

When two companies combine their efforts synergistically, things happen. This is the story of Kyani. Kirk Hansen had the vision to combat hunger on a global level. The development of the Potato Pak was a nutritious vehicle that would provide meals to those who didn’t have access to adequate nutritious foods. In 2016, his company’s efforts fed 1.1 million people all across the world. This is what success looks like when two altruistic companies combine forces to solve a complex problem like hunger. There’s no stopping them. There’s more work to do, however. With the help of Idahoan and Idahoan Milk products, meeting the needs of more hungry people is inevitable. Potato Paks have made it possible to begin the process of eliminating hunger globally, one country at a time.

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